Activities and animals

Lots of things to do and see, as well as joyous encounters with animals – come and experience the amazing Zoolandia in Lieto | Lieto, Turku

Zoolandia is the place to visit in summer. We have a park full of activities and rides for the whole family and on top of all we have our animals. During the day, as many times as wanted, it is easy to visit our domestic yard and animals living there. Maybe give them a hug too. Water cupola is maybe the best place to cool yourself. Adults can join with all the fun or just take a minute in shadow and enjoy watching children having a great time. 

Number and species of animals changes during seasons. Some of our animals live here all year around and some move in with us just for the summer. Each animal has a safe and comfortable home enclosure as well as enough room to move around in. We pay special attention to the welfare and conditions of the animals. You can also get to admire Père David's deer, reindeer, alpacas, emus and mini pigs from the other side of the fence.